About the”Traveling Magician”

The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step! – Lao Tzu

Chastain Criswell is the Traveling Magician; his feats have taken him across the country and beyond! Chastain has entertained many major U.S. corporations one coast to the other. Some past clients are Johnson and Wales, Bank of America, Old Edwards Inn and Spa, Wells Fargo, Target, Shutterfly, and much more…
Learning the secret art of magic Chastain has become a master of his craft, entertainment and skill brought together in one hilarious show of Magic, Comedy, Escapes, Stunts, Mind Reading, and more….
Hire Chastain Criswell today and guarantee your corporate event entertainment will be a success!

The Traveler

A self proclaimed “King of the Road” magician Chastain Criswell is one of a kind! Bringing years of his road worthy knowledge to the stage and performing fantastic feats of magic all over the United States.

Chastain Criswell will astound your the audience with Magic unlike they have ever seen, Chastain’s skills in magic and comedy will take the audience to a new level of fun and excitement! Imagine an object disappearing and then reappearing in a remote location that has been in full view of the audience the entire time or a light bulb that lights up from the combined energy of the audience only to immediately explode into pieces right before your very eyes!

25 years of experience in the industry Chastain Criswell: Traveling Magician has been an actor, magician, emcee, and more! Chastain has performed in New York, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, Cleveland, as well as his home town of Charlotte, NC.

Corporations have hired Chastain to work Cocktail hour, Business Meetings, National Conferences, Trade Shows, and Holiday Parties. Here is part of a recent review about the services of Chastain Criswell.

“I was going to hire a band but then I realized I needed something different and I am glad I hired Chastain Criswell, everyone loved the magic!” – Ron A (Community Culinary School of Charlotte)

Video Testimonials

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Applause In Print (Testimonials)

Absolutely wonderful!
Whitney Gilespie
Corporate Holiday Party
Chastain Criswell was AMAZING!
Mellisa D
Event Coordinator
Old Edwards Inn and Spa
...it was unbelievable.. I would recommend anyone that can, get him to your party!
Paul Nichols
Head Football Coach
Davidson College

Frequently Requested Shows

Close Up / Mingle Magic
Have a magician entertain in small groups, small close up magic tricks and good old fashioned fun for everyone! Close up is also a great was to break the ice before a business meeting or at a gathering where not everyone knows each other. Cocktail Parties, Pre-dinner down time, Trade Show Floors, Holiday Parties are all great times to have a close up magician at your event.
Parlour Show
Small groups of 50 or less that will be seated make for a fantastic audience for this show! Larger illusion and audience participation will make your event successful and memorable. Great for Cocktail Parties, Dinner Events, Pre-Business Meetings, and Breakout events.
Stage Show
This show is similar to the parlor show but will play to a much larger audience. 500 or less guests will enjoy fun and excitement of the show with audience participation, and crazy stunts, and fantastic magic! Dinner Parties, Corporate Events, Trade Shows, Holiday Parties, Employee Appreciation events.